Statement of Concern

We, the organisations and individuals undersigned:

are concerned that dust mite allergen triggers asthma, eczema and other allergic illnesses. It therefore affects the health of sufferers and potential sufferers, in particular infants and children, who are the most vulnerable individuals.

recognise that fitted carpets are a considerable reservoir of dust mite allergen, moulds and animal dander in the indoor environment.

recognise that fitted carpets and PVC flooring are a source of indoor air pollutants due to the use of chemicals in their manufacture and that fitted carpets also act as a reservoir for toxic substances used in and brought into the home.

are concerned at the widespread use of fitted carpets in the UK compared with other countries with a similar climate, in the home, at the workplace, in commercial buildings, in nurseries,schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

Recommend that:
when refurbishing, smooth flooring should be encouraged, and that if needed, loose rugs should supplement the smooth floor.

as well as fitted carpets, the use of PVC or vinyl flooring should be avoided, due to wider concerns about its impact on the environment and human health, and specific concerns that phthalate softeners in PVC may contribute to sensitisation to asthma.

indoor environments where infants and young children come into contact with dust mite allergen and toxic substances need to be addressed first.

The Women's Environmental Network
Action Against Allergy
National Eczema Society
Pesticide Action Network UK
Friends of the Earth UK
Friends of the Earth Scotland
The Association for Environment Conscious Building
The London Hazards Centre
Hazards Magazine
Dr. Vyvyan Howard Infant and Foetal Toxicology University of Liverpool
Dr Jill Warner University of Southampton - Southampton General Hospital
Breakspear Hospital
Halton Friends of the Earth
Food & Chemical Allergy Association
British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine
The Migraine Action Association
Hyperactive Children's Support Group
Inside Story
What Doctors Don't Tell You

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